Things To Do At The Brooklyn Museum In Brooklyn, NY

Unleashing Creativity: A Guide to Experiencing the Brooklyn Museum

One of the oldest and largest museums in the United States, the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, NY, houses an extensive collection of over 1.5 million works spanning over 5,000 years of world art and culture. Whether you’re an art aficionado or a casual observer, this iconic institution provides countless ways to engage with art, history, and culture. The Brooklyn Museum has more to offer – learn more here.  Let’s explore some of the most exciting things you can do at the Brooklyn Museum.

  1. Wander Through the Vast Art Collections

The Brooklyn Museum boasts diverse and impressive art collections from different parts of the world. Explore ancient Egyptian masterpieces in the Egyptian Art gallery, admire the European paintings, or discover the arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. The museum also houses an extensive collection of American Art, including works from colonial times to contemporary pieces.

  1. Visit the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art

The first of its kind, the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art is dedicated to the study and exhibition of feminist art—works that present a direct challenge to dominant patriarchal narratives. The centerpiece of the collection is Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party,” a monumental installation celebrating women’s contributions to western civilization.

  1. Engage with Dynamic Exhibitions

The Brooklyn Museum is renowned for its dynamic, engaging exhibitions that cover a wide range of themes, periods, and artists. These include contemporary and historical exhibitions, installations, and retrospectives. Be sure to check the museum’s website or inquire at the front desk about the current and upcoming exhibitions.

  1. Participate in Art Workshops and Tours

The Brooklyn Museum offers numerous educational opportunities for both children and adults. Participate in art workshops, listen to lectures from experts, or join in one of the guided tours that provide deeper insights into the various collections. They also offer programs specifically designed for families and children, making it a great destination for art lovers of all ages.

  1. Attend First Saturdays

On the first Saturday of each month, the Brooklyn Museum hosts a free event called ‘First Saturdays.’ These events include live music, performances, film screenings, gallery talks, and family activities. It’s a unique way to experience the museum and a great opportunity to enjoy a night of culture and entertainment.

  1. Visit the Museum Shop and The Norm

Don’t forget to stop by the museum’s gift shop, where you can find a variety of art-inspired items, including books, prints, jewelry, and home décor. It’s the perfect place to pick up a unique souvenir or gift. After exploring the museum, you can also unwind at The Norm, the museum’s restaurant and bar. Serving a menu inspired by the art in the museum, it’s a fantastic place to reflect on your visit over a delicious meal.

  1. Explore the Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden

Located on the first floor, the Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden features architectural sculptures from the museum’s collection, all housed within a beautiful outdoor setting. This area provides a lovely outdoor space to enjoy art and nature combined.

From its world-class collections to engaging programs, the Brooklyn Museum offers an enriching, inspiring experience. No matter your interests, a visit to this premier art institution promises to be a day well-spent immersed in a celebration of creativity, history, and diverse cultures. Keep the activities going and learn more about Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

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