The Activities To Do At The Brooklyn Tabernacle In Brooklyn, NY

Top Things to Do at the Brooklyn Tabernacle: An Unforgettable Spiritual Journey in Brooklyn, NY


Nestled in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Tabernacle stands as a beacon of faith and fellowship. This dynamic, non-denominational church is not only renowned for its moving sermons and welcoming community but also for its Grammy Award-winning choir. Whether you’re a devout follower or a curious traveler seeking a unique spiritual experience, the Brooklyn Tabernacle offers a plethora of engaging activities. Let’s explore the top things to do at this iconic Brooklyn landmark.

1. Attend a Powerful Worship Service

One of the must-do activities at the Brooklyn Tabernacle is attending one of their dynamic and powerful worship services. The sermons, delivered by Pastor Jim Cymbala and his team, are known for their practical insights and contemporary relevance, providing spiritual nourishment for both longtime believers and those new to the faith.

2. Experience the Grammy Award-Winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is a major highlight. Known for its rich blend of voices and emotive performances, the 270-member choir has won six Grammy Awards and multiple Dove Awards. Attending a live performance is a truly uplifting experience that’s not to be missed when visiting the Brooklyn Tabernacle.

3. Engage in a Prayer Meeting

The Brooklyn Tabernacle is renowned for its emphasis on prayer. Every Tuesday, the church hosts a prayer meeting that’s open to everyone, providing a powerful communal experience where individuals can come together to pray, seek spiritual guidance, and support each other in a warm, welcoming environment.

4. Participate in Bible Studies

The church offers regular Bible studies for those interested in deepening their understanding of the Christian faith. These sessions, conducted in a group setting, provide insightful teachings on various biblical themes and are an excellent way to engage in thoughtful discussions about faith and spirituality.

5. Get Involved in Community Outreach Programs

Brooklyn Tabernacle is deeply involved in community service, offering several outreach programs that focus on providing help and hope to the less fortunate. Participating in these initiatives is a wonderful way to give back to the community while experiencing the heart of the church’s mission.

6. Join a Ministry

With a wide range of ministries catering to different age groups and interests, including youth ministries, women’s ministries, and more, there are ample opportunities to get involved, connect with like-minded individuals, and grow in your faith journey.

7. Visit the Church Bookstore

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Bookstore is a great place to browse a wide selection of Christian literature, music, and gifts. It’s an excellent spot to find resources that can aid in your spiritual growth.


The Brooklyn Tabernacle in Brooklyn, NY, is more than just a place of worship; it’s a vibrant community that offers a rich, multifaceted spiritual experience. From the captivating sermons and the soul-stirring choir performances to the enlightening Bible studies and the fulfilling community service opportunities, there are numerous ways to engage with and experience this extraordinary church. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, the Brooklyn Tabernacle promises an experience that is not only spiritually enriching but also deeply memorable.

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