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About Us: High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Brooklyn, NY, High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery isn’t just another cannabis dispensary on the block. For years, we’ve been the silent observers, curators, and above all, avid enthusiasts of everything cannabis. From the alluring aroma of pineapple express to the comforting embrace of blue dream ultra potent, our shelves glisten with only the finest selections from both the East and West Coasts.

At our core, we’re driven by two things: our commitment to our community and our undying passion for quality. And this is evident in every cannabis product we display, every oil change we recommend, and every delivery – be it in Wave Crest or the wider stretches of New York.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality Over Everything: Our range boasts of top-tier items like the live resin strawberry basil spritz 4pack and the enchanting papaya rose infused delights. Every product is third party tested for potency and safety.

  • Everybody’s Welcome: Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or just beginning your journey, our doors are always open to everyone.

  • Diverse Selection: From the refreshing buzz of lemon lime to the sweetness of watermelon solventless gummies, our expansive range of 200+ products ensures you’ll always find something you love.

  • Daily Deals & First-Time Offers: Every day brings a new opportunity for savings, and if it’s your first time? Enjoy 10% off and a free item on us.

  • Quick and Reliable: Our weed delivery service isn’t just about convenience. It’s a promise. With us, you’re assured a discreet package at your doorstep in less than two hours.

Your Go-To for Weed Delivery in Wave Crest

Wave Crest residents, we’ve got you covered! Dive into a world of diverse cannabis delights without stepping out of your home. From heavy hitters to soothing CBD products, every cannabis delivery from us promises not just quality, but also safety and discretion.

Amenities & Perks

  • Trust in Every Product: Be it the punchy sour apple or the calming effects of our muha meds, trust that every product is legit and third-party tested.

  • Discreet Deliveries: Our delivery drivers ensure your package reaches you not just swiftly, but also discreetly.

  • No Hidden Charges: Transparent pricing with no hidden delivery fees. What you see is what you get.

  • Easy Payments: Multiple payment methods for your convenience. Whether you’re in Los Angeles CA USA or NYC, you’re always in control.

Ready to Elevate Your Cannabis Experience?

Step into a world where cannabis isn’t just a product, but a lifestyle. From almora farm’s finest to the tangy taste of fruit cart infused, embark on a journey of flavors, sensations, and unmatched quality with High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery.

Don’t wait. Dive into our exquisite range now and redefine your cannabis experience. Order today! 🌱🍃🌆

Weed Delivery Bronx

A Decade of Trust: Engaging with Our Cannabis Community

For over a decade, High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery has been more than just a cannabis dispensary. We have been a beacon for enthusiasts, new users, and everyone in between in the vibrant cannabis community. Our story, stemming from the heart of Brooklyn, NY, is rooted in trust, safety, and community engagement.

Our Community Commitment:

  • Engagement: Since our inception, we’ve made it a priority to stay attuned to the pulse of our cannabis community. From pineapple express fanatics to blue dream ultra potent connoisseurs, our engagement has been multi-faceted, catering to every user’s unique preferences.

  • Giving Back: Understanding the ethos of the cannabis community, we’ve initiated several community outreach programs, such as offering muha meds at discounted rates for medicinal users and participating in local events. Our dedication to the community isn’t just about selling; it’s about creating a sustainable, supportive ecosystem.

Ensuring Safety – Our Top Priority:

  • Trust in Products: We believe that trust is built on transparency. That’s why we ensure our products, whether it’s the zesty lemon lime flavor or the soothing watermelon solventless gummies, undergo rigorous third-party testing. Only those products meeting our stringent standards make it to our shelves.

  • Reliable Cannabis Delivery: Our delivery drivers are trained extensively, ensuring timely, discreet, and safe deliveries. Whether you’re opting for the almora farm products or the exhilarating heavy hitters, rest assured your products will reach you with utmost care.

  • Safety at Our Dispensary: Beyond our vast array of cannabis products, our Brooklyn dispensary stands as a testament to safety. With payment methods that ensure secure transactions, to guidelines ensuring patrons are of legal age, we leave no stone unturned.

  • Customer Education: We believe an informed customer is a safe customer. Whether you’re curious about the resin strawberry basil spritz 4pack or the benefits of live resin, our staff is trained to provide insights, ensuring you make well-informed choices.

In Conclusion:

Engaging with our community and ensuring safety are more than just business strategies; they are the very pillars that have held us up for over a decade. At High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery, we invite you to be part of our ever-growing family, experience the best products, and bask in the knowledge that you’re not just a customer; you’re part of a community.

Join us today and elevate your cannabis experience.

High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery: Curating the Crème de la Crème of Cannabis Brands

The world of cannabis has evolved immensely over the past decade. As the industry grows, so does the range of brands flooding the market. Amidst this multitude, High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery has emerged as the connoisseur of elite cannabis brands. From the lively notes of pineapple express to the calming undertones of blue dream ultra potent, our range caters to the varied palettes of cannabis enthusiasts.

Why Our Brands Stand Out:

  1. Diverse Portfolio: Our curated range boasts of everything from the energizing muha meds to the soothing watermelon solventless gummies. Whether you’re seeking the euphoria of heavy hitters or the serene vibes of almora farm, our selection has it all.

  2. East Meets West: By bringing together the best cannabis products from both the East and West Coast, we ensure a holistic offering. This blend of diverse geographies ensures that our patrons get a taste of the best strains and flavors from across the nation.

  3. Trendsetters, Not Followers: While many chase after the trending strains, we’re often the trendsetters. Be it the effervescent lemon lime variety or the unique resin strawberry basil spritz 4pack, our collection often dictates market trends.

Safety and Efficacy – Our Non-Negotiables:

  • Third-Party Testing: We understand that in the realm of cannabis, trust is paramount. This is why we insist on third-party testing for all our products. This ensures that whether you’re indulging in the live resin or the solventless gummies, you’re consuming products that are safe and deliver the promised effects.

  • Transparency is Key: Every product at High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery comes with detailed information about its potency, source, strain, and more. From oil change specifics to details on payment methods, our transparency ensures you make informed choices.

  • Brands with a Reputation: We partner only with those brands that share our ethos of quality and safety. This rigorous vetting process ensures that when you pick a product from our shelves, you’re choosing a brand that’s revered in the cannabis community.


At High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery, we don’t just offer products; we offer an experience. An experience that assures safety, promises quality, and delivers efficacy. Dive into our world and discover cannabis brands that are not just the best in the market but are also the best for you. Experience the epitome of cannabis luxury. Join us in our journey of elevating the cannabis experience to unprecedented heights.

NYC Marijuana Delivery

Why High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery is Wave Crest’s Premier Choice

When it comes to cannabis, Wave Crest residents have discerning tastes. They seek top-quality products, exceptional service, and absolute discretion. Recognizing this, High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery has emerged as the foremost cannabis dispensary and delivery service in the area. Here’s why:

Unparalleled Product Range:

  • Diverse Offerings: From the invigorating pineapple express ultra potent to the calming blue dream ultra potent, our offerings cater to all preferences.
  • Exclusive Strains: For those seeking something unique, strains like resin strawberry basil spritz 4pack and papaya rose infused can’t be found just anywhere in Wave Crest.
  • Holistic Experience: Beyond just cannabis, we also provide accessories like water filters to enhance your experience.

Swift & Discreet Delivery:

  • Timely Service: Wave Crest residents can expect their orders in record time. Our less than 2-hour delivery policy ensures you’re never left waiting.
  • Discretion Guaranteed: Our discreet delivery and packaging ensures your privacy remains uncompromised.
  • Transparent Fees: No hidden costs. The delivery fee is always communicated upfront.

Safety First:

  • Quality Assurance: Our products, whether it’s almora farm or heavy hitters, undergo stringent third-party testing. Safety and potency are guaranteed.
  • Trained Personnel: Our delivery drivers are trained not just in swift deliveries but also in ensuring the product reaches you in pristine condition.
  • Safe Payment Options: With varied payment methods, transactions are smooth and secure.

Engagement with the Wave Crest Community:

  • We’re Not Just Sellers: We are an integral part of the Wave Crest community. From hosting cannabis education sessions to participating in local events, our engagement goes beyond business.
  • Giving Back: A portion of our earnings goes back into community projects in Wave Crest. By choosing us, you’re contributing to local development.

Conclusion: Wave Crest deserves nothing but the best, and at High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery, that’s precisely what we offer. From top-tier cannabis products to unparalleled delivery services, our commitment to quality and the community sets us apart. Wave Crest, it’s time to elevate your cannabis experience with us. Choose the best; choose High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery.

About Wave Crest, NY

Wave Crest, New York – Your Coastal Gateway

Nestled in New York, Wave Crest stands as a beautiful representation of coastal living with a modern twist. With its mesmerizing beaches, delightful eateries, and rich history, it’s no wonder residents are proud to call Wave Crest home.

Points of Interest:

  • Wave Crest Beach: A pristine coastline perfect for a day out with the family or a serene evening walk. Visit Website
  • Wave Crest Historical Museum: Dive deep into the rich history and heritage of this splendid community. Visit Website
  • Ocean View Park: A perfect spot for picnics, kids’ play areas, and jogging trails. Visit Website

Places to Eat:

  • Blue Wave Diner: Experience the authentic taste of New York with a side of breathtaking ocean views. Visit Website
  • Pineapple Express Café: From refreshing pineapple express ultra potent drinks to delectable pastries, this café is a must-visit. Visit Website
  • Malibu OG Grill: Indulge in grilled delights in this laid-back, beach-themed restaurant. Visit Website

City Information: Wave Crest, with its unique blend of coastal charm and modern amenities, offers a quality of life that is second to none. It boasts top-tier educational institutions, well-maintained roads, and a strong sense of community. Its location provides easy access to major New York hubs, making it a preferred destination for both residents and businesses.

Why High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery is the Perfect Choice for Wave Crest Residents

Wave Crest’s elegance and modern sensibilities deserve a cannabis delivery service that matches its ethos. Enter High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery. Our Brooklyn-based dispensary and state-wide delivery service ensure that the finest cannabis products are just a click away for Wave Crest residents.

From the calming effects of live resin to the invigorating sensations of pineapple express ultra potent, our vast range ensures there’s something for everyone. Furthermore, our commitment to safety, with third-party testing and discreet packaging, ensures a seamless experience every time.

Wave Crest, elevate your coastal living with the best cannabis New York has to offer. Order now and let us bring the finest to your doorstep. Visit Our Shop

Frequently Asked

General Questions

No. Free Delivery for orders over $150 if you are located within the boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan or Queens.
*If you live further than Roosevelt Field mall there is a delivery fee based off of mileage.
*If your order is lower than $150, you will incur a delivery fee.
*Please be patient and allow our delivery drivers 1-2 hours to arrive to your location.  Traffic in NYC is not always easy to navigate.

Yes! You can tip them cash or add your tip to the order during checkout. 


But if you must pay with Cash App or Venmo. 

If you are using electronic payment (I.E Cash App, Venmo) there is an extra charge of 10% on your total order.

We do not offer refunds but can gladly replace it if the product is defective and if the flower is not up to quality standards

We take pride in being the fastest delivery service in New York. Our average delivery time is approximately 1 to 2 hours. During peak delivery hours, which tend to be weekdays between 4pm and 9pm, deliveries may take a bit longer.


Pick a place in NY and we deliver! It’s that easy. 

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