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About High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery

Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery is more than just your typical cannabis dispensary. We’re a community-oriented hub, welcoming everyone from the casual enthusiast to the seasoned cannabis connoisseur. With roots deeply embedded in the East and West Coast traditions, we bring you the best of both worlds when it comes to cannabis products.

Being in the game for years, we understand the importance of legitimacy and safety. That’s why we take pride in offering only legit brands, all of which are third-party tested for potency and safety. We don’t just focus on the product quality; we believe in delivering a complete experience. For us, that means ensuring you enjoy:

  • Daily Deals: Our clients always find value with our daily deals, making it even more rewarding to choose us.

  • First-time Perks: New to our family? Enjoy a 10% discount and a free item on your first purchase.

  • Diverse Selection: With over 200+ products to select from, you’re spoiled for choice. Whether you’re into traditional cannabis flower, looking for the perfect vape, or curious about edibles, we’ve got you covered. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Redefining Weed Delivery in Bay Terrace and Beyond

The bustling streets of Bay Terrace and the broader New York landscape deserve a cannabis delivery service they can count on. Our promise? Delivery in less than 2 hours. Service that spans the majority of New York, ensuring that wherever you are, high-quality cannabis is just a call away. But our dedication doesn’t stop there:

  • Safety First: Reliable cannabis delivery means that you receive your products safe and sound, every single time.

  • Discreet Packaging: We respect your privacy. Our delivery packaging is discreet, ensuring your purchases remain your business.

  • Consumer Safety: Every product you order, from edibles in NYC to the cannabis flower, has been tested rigorously, ensuring you only consume the best.

Why High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery?

When it comes to weed delivery or visiting a cannabis dispensary in New York, you have choices. But here’s why Bay Terrace residents and many across the state choose us:

  • Authentic range of cannabis products.
  • Assurance of safety with every marijuana delivery.
  • Unrivalled expertise in various types of cannabis.
  • Convenient location for those seeking a unique cannabis dispensary experience near Redondo Beach.

Your Next Step

The essence of New York, the charm of Brooklyn, and the promise of pure, tested, and reliable cannabis – that’s what we represent at High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery. Ready to elevate your cannabis experience? Dive into a world of top-tier products, exceptional service, and a community that understands and shares your passion.

Choose us. Trust in our legacy. Elevate your cannabis journey. Order Now

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A Decade of Dedication: Engaging and Giving Back to the Cannabis Community

At High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery, we wear our history with pride. For over a decade, we’ve been deeply connected with our cannabis community, creating a legacy that’s as vibrant as the streets of Redondo Beach. But what does a decade in the cannabis industry look like? And how have we fostered a relationship built on trust, safety, and mutual respect?

Community First: Engaging with Passion

Since our inception, our mission has transcended beyond just being a cannabis dispensary. We view ourselves as active members of the community, always engaging in ways that uplift and educate:

  • Educational Initiatives: Our outreach isn’t just about selling; it’s about teaching. Through workshops, webinars, and community meet-ups, we’ve shed light on the various types of cannabis, its benefits, and safe consumption methods.

  • Festivals & Celebrations: Joining hands with local events, we celebrate the beauty of cannabis culture. These events often become melting pots of enthusiasts, experts, and the curious, all coming together to learn and celebrate.

Giving Back: More Than Just Words

Our commitment to the community isn’t merely transactional. We believe in giving back, and over the years, our initiatives have ranged from:

  • Supporting Local Artisans: From merchandise to art installations, we’ve consistently collaborated with local talents, providing them a platform and audience.

  • Charity Initiatives: A portion of our proceeds has always found its way to local charities, ensuring that our success contributes to the welfare of those in need.

Safety: Our Undying Commitment

At our dispensary and throughout our weed delivery processes, safety remains paramount. Here’s how we ensure it:

  • Third-Party Testing: Every product, from edibles to vapes, undergoes rigorous third-party testing, ensuring what you consume is pure, potent, and safe.

  • Safe Spaces: Our dispensary in Redondo Beach is a testament to our commitment to safety. With trained staff, secure storage, and a welcoming environment, it’s a haven for all cannabis enthusiasts.

  • Discreet Deliveries: Recognizing the importance of privacy, our marijuana delivery service guarantees discreet packaging. Every order is handled with care, ensuring it reaches you safely and on time.

In the end, it’s not just about the cannabis; it’s about the community. At High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery, we’ve spent a decade nurturing this bond. And as we look to the future, our promise remains unwavering: to serve, engage, and uplift the community that’s given us so much.

Setting the Gold Standard: Offering the Best Cannabis Brands with Assured Safety

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis, discerning customers have grown to expect not just quality, but assurance, consistency, and safety. At High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery, we’ve risen to this challenge, offering only the best brands that the market has to offer. But what makes us stand out in a sea of dispensaries and delivery services?

Curation of Elite Brands

We pride ourselves on the meticulous selection of brands that grace our shelves and online catalog. Our approach is straightforward yet rigorous:

  • Global Sourcing: Our hunt for the best doesn’t limit itself to local brands. We source high-quality cannabis products from both the East and West Coast, ensuring a diverse range that suits all palettes and preferences.

  • Feedback Loop: Our connection with our community provides us with invaluable feedback. By understanding what our customers love and expect, we’re continually refining our offerings, ensuring that only the top-tier brands remain.

Safety and Efficacy: Non-Negotiables

While offering a plethora of choices is essential, ensuring the safety and efficacy of these products is our undying commitment. Here’s how we ensure this promise:

  • Third-Party Testing: Every cannabis product, be it flower, vape, or edible, undergoes rigorous third-party testing. These tests ascertain the purity, potency, and safety of the products, ensuring that what you’re consuming is free from harmful additives or contaminants.

  • Transparency: We believe in an informed community. Thus, every product comes with detailed information regarding its potency, strain, and testing results. This transparency ensures that you always know what you’re consuming.

  • Continuous Quality Checks: Our in-house team frequently checks the quality and freshness of the products. Anything that doesn’t meet our high standards doesn’t make the cut.

In conclusion, as the cannabis industry evolves, so do we. High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery is more than just a dispensary; we are a testament to what the world of cannabis can offer when passion meets rigor. We invite you to experience the very best of cannabis, with the assurance that every puff, bite, or sip is not just potent but safe and effective.

NYC Marijuana Delivery

High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery: Your Premier Choice in Bay Terrace

When it comes to selecting a trusted dispensary and cannabis delivery service in Bay Terrace, New York, the choices might be many, but the clear frontrunner is High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery. Here’s why:

Deep Community Roots

  • Decade-long Engagement: We aren’t newbies in the cannabis world. With over a decade of serving our community, we’ve established strong ties, understanding, and trust with our clientele.

  • Commitment to Bay Terrace: Bay Terrace isn’t just another location for us; it’s home to countless customers who’ve turned to us for their cannabis needs. Our local engagement ensures speedy marijuana delivery and personalized services.

Product Diversity and Quality

  • A Spectrum of Choices: Whether you’re into classic cannabis flower, seeking relief through CBD products, or wanting to try the latest cannabis drinks, our inventory is vast and varied.

  • Safety First: Every product we offer, from powerful indica to sativa dominant strain, undergoes third-party testing. It ensures that our cannabis products are not only potent but safe and contaminant-free.

Customer-Centric Services

  • Lightning Fast Deliveries: Our promise of “less than 2-hour delivery” isn’t just a catchy tagline. It’s a commitment we fulfill day in and day out, ensuring that our customers in Bay Terrace and surrounding areas get their products promptly.

  • Discreet and Safe: Privacy is paramount. Our cannabis delivery is not just fast but discreet, ensuring that your order reaches you in safe and inconspicuous packaging.

  • Daily Deals and Offers: We appreciate our customers, and it shows. From daily deals to a special 10% off and a free item for first-time patients, our perks are designed with you in mind.

Reliability and Trustworthiness

  • Transparent Operations: We’re proud of our offerings, and it shows. Every product, be it the day weed delivery or the more niche live resin, comes with detailed descriptions and third-party test results.

  • Accepts Credit Cards: We ensure a hassle-free shopping experience by accepting credit cards, making your purchase process smoother.

In the heart of Bay Terrace, when you think of top-tier weed delivery or a reliable cannabis dispensary, think of High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery. We’re not just a business; we’re a part of this community, aiming to elevate your cannabis experience. So, the next time you’re looking for quality cannabis, remember that we’re just a call away, ready to serve.

About Bay Terrace, NY

Bay Terrace, New York: A Gem in the City

Nestled in the northeastern part of Queens, Bay Terrace is a neighborhood known for its vibrant atmosphere and a unique blend of urban sophistication and suburban tranquility. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Bay Terrace offers a myriad of activities, eateries, and sites that cater to diverse tastes.

Points of Interest

  • Bay Terrace Shopping Center: The heart of local commerce, this center houses a variety of shops, dining options, and services for all your needs. Visit their website.

  • Fort Totten Park: A historic Civil War fort turned park, it’s perfect for history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, and families. Explore the fort or enjoy panoramic views of the Long Island Sound. Learn more here.

Places to Eat

  • The Bay Terrace Bistro: Offering an eclectic mix of American and international dishes, this bistro is a local favorite for its ambience and menu. Check out their menu.

  • Bay Coffee House: A cozy spot for your caffeine fix, freshly baked pastries, and casual sandwiches. Visit their site.

Places to Visit

  • Bay Terrace Community Library: Dive into a world of books, or attend one of the many events and programs. An ideal spot for readers and learners of all ages. Explore their collections.

  • Bay Terrace Garden Jewish Center: A spiritual and community hub, this center hosts regular events, services, and celebrations. Discover their programs.

City Information

Bay Terrace is well-connected to the rest of New York via public transportation, making it convenient for residents and visitors. With a mix of apartments, co-ops, and single-family homes, it offers varied housing options. Its public schools are part of the New York City Department of Education, known for their academic excellence.

High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery: Elevate Your Bay Terrace Experience

While Bay Terrace offers numerous experiences, don’t miss out on the premium cannabis experience brought to you by High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery. As a trusted NYC cannabis dispensary and delivery service, we provide an unparalleled selection of third-party tested cannabis products right to your doorstep or for pick-up at our Brooklyn location. Whether you’re exploring the streets of Bay Terrace or relaxing at home, elevate your moments with our diverse range of cannabis offerings. Ready to experience the best? Order now and dive into a world of quality, safety, and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked

General Questions

No. Free Delivery for orders over $150 if you are located within the boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan or Queens.
*If you live further than Roosevelt Field mall there is a delivery fee based off of mileage.
*If your order is lower than $150, you will incur a delivery fee.
*Please be patient and allow our delivery drivers 1-2 hours to arrive to your location.  Traffic in NYC is not always easy to navigate.

Yes! You can tip them cash or add your tip to the order during checkout. 


But if you must pay with Cash App or Venmo. 

If you are using electronic payment (I.E Cash App, Venmo) there is an extra charge of 10% on your total order.

We do not offer refunds but can gladly replace it if the product is defective and if the flower is not up to quality standards

We take pride in being the fastest delivery service in New York. Our average delivery time is approximately 1 to 2 hours. During peak delivery hours, which tend to be weekdays between 4pm and 9pm, deliveries may take a bit longer.


Pick a place in NY and we deliver! It’s that easy. 

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