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Manhattan Beach Weed Delivery

High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery: Serving Manhattan Beach, New York and Beyond

High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery is not just a business, it’s a lifestyle. We are a Brooklyn-based cannabis dispensary and delivery service committed to providing a top-tier cannabis experience for both medical and recreational users across New York. We proudly serve the majority of New York, including the vibrant Manhattan Beach area, ensuring safe, reliable weed delivery in Manhattan Beach and the surrounding locales.

Our Store

A visit to our storefront in Brooklyn is an invitation to engage with the cannabis culture. Open to all, our store offers an enticing experience for both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers. Our shelves are filled with the best cannabis products from the East and West Coast. With over 200+ carefully curated items to select from, you can find your favorite cannabis products and even discover new ones!

Our offerings range from cannabis flower, vapes, edibles, pre-rolls, CBD products, concentrates, cannabis drinks, mushrooms, and more! What’s more, we believe in the legitimacy and safety of our products, ensuring they are third-party tested for potency and safety.

Perks and Amenities

Beyond our wide selection, we delight in offering a raft of perks for our clients. We have daily deals that make buying weed online or in-store an exciting adventure. Furthermore, as a thank you for choosing us, first-time patients get 10% off and a free item.

Cannabis Delivery

Our cannabis delivery service is designed to be fast and reliable. Serving the majority of New York, including Manhattan Beach, we offer less than 2-hour delivery. Our delivery drivers ensure discreet delivery and packaging, preserving your privacy and the quality of your cannabis products.

The delivery address you provide us will be the destination of our carefully selected cannabis products, ensuring they reach you wherever you are living in Manhattan Beach, NY.

Why Choose Us?

High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery is committed to ensuring a quality cannabis experience for all our consumers. We offer:

  • A Wide Selection: Our range of products ensures you can always find your favorite cannabis products, from hybrid flowers to raw garden live resin.

  • Safety First: All our products are third-party tested for potency and safety, ensuring a secure cannabis experience.

  • Fast and Reliable Delivery: Our weed delivery in Manhattan Beach is less than 2 hours, getting you your favorite products quickly and efficiently.

  • Dedicated Customer Service: Our dedication to providing the best experience means we are always available to help with product availability, order inquiries, and more.

Ready to elevate your cannabis experience? High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery is here for all your cannabis needs. Buy weed online today and discover a world of weed at your fingertips! We are more than a cannabis dispensary, we are your cannabis community.

NYC Cannabis Delivery

A Decade of Dedication: High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery

At High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery, we have always been more than just a business; we’re a part of the community. For over a decade, we’ve provided the Manhattan Beach, New York community and beyond with top-tier cannabis products and have always strived to give back.

Engaging With Our Cannabis Community

We understand the importance of engaging with our community. After all, we are all connected through our shared love for cannabis. Over the past decade, we have:

  • Organized educational events to shed light on the benefits and uses of cannabis.
  • Collaborated with local artists to celebrate the fusion of creativity and cannabis.
  • Actively engaged in discussions on our social media platforms, sharing knowledge, tips, and the latest cannabis news.

Our goal has always been to create a cannabis community that is inclusive, engaging, and knowledgeable. Our weed delivery in Manhattan Beach and our Brooklyn dispensary have become community hubs, places where cannabis consumers can gather, share experiences, and learn from each other.

Giving Back to Our Community

We believe in the power of giving back. We’ve dedicated a portion of our earnings to local causes and organizations in Manhattan Beach and the broader New York area. This includes supporting local schools, funding environmental initiatives, and contributing to food drives. Our cannabis dispensary is more than a place to buy weed online or in-store; it’s a place that supports and uplifts the community.

Ensuring Safety in Our Dispensary and Delivery Service

Safety has always been our utmost priority, whether you’re visiting our dispensary or using our cannabis delivery service. Here’s how we ensure safety:

  • Third-Party Testing: All our cannabis products, from cannabis flower to edibles, are third-party tested for potency and safety. This ensures you only get quality cannabis that meets rigorous safety standards.

  • Safe Delivery: Our delivery drivers are trained to ensure safe and reliable weed delivery. We offer discreet packaging to ensure your privacy.

  • Dispensary Safety Measures: In our dispensary, we follow strict sanitation guidelines and maintain a safe, clean environment for all our visitors. We verify the age of our customers to ensure legal cannabis use.

At High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery, we are dedicated to providing our community with a safe, engaging, and positive cannabis experience. We’ve been in the game for over a decade, and we’re here to stay, offering the best in cannabis culture to Manhattan Beach and beyond. Join our cannabis community today!


Offering Only the Best: High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery

High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery has earned a reputation as the go-to cannabis dispensary and delivery service in Manhattan Beach, New York. Why? Because we offer the best cannabis brands in the market. Our carefully curated selection of products is third-party tested for safety and efficacy, ensuring you only get the best when you choose us.

A Curated Selection of Top-Tier Brands

Our selection of cannabis products ranges from the soothing strains of indica flowers to invigorating sativa, from discrete vapes to potent concentrates, and from delicious edibles to therapeutic CBD products. We make sure to stock products from the best cannabis brands both from the East and West Coast. This extensive product range is why our customers consider us their favorite cannabis product supplier, not just in Manhattan Beach, but in the whole of New York.

Every brand that we showcase in our dispensary or on our online platform is recognized for its superior quality, innovation, and commitment to the cannabis community. Brands like Raw Garden, known for their high-quality live resin, are part of our offering. We ensure that whether you’re buying weed for recreational use or medical marijuana for therapeutic purposes, you’re getting it from the best brands in the industry.

Third-Party Testing for Safety and Efficacy

At High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery, we’re committed to your safety. We believe that every cannabis consumer should have access to safe, effective, and reliable cannabis products. That’s why all the products we offer, from cannabis flowers to edibles, vapes, and concentrates, are third-party tested for safety and efficacy.

Third-party testing involves having our products evaluated by independent laboratories to verify their cannabinoid content, check for any harmful contaminants, and confirm their potency. This rigorous process ensures that you are getting exactly what you pay for: safe, effective cannabis products that you can trust.


Choosing High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery means choosing quality, safety, and variety. Whether you’re buying weed online or picking it up from our dispensary in Brooklyn, you’re choosing a service that values your safety and your cannabis experience. Experience the difference that quality makes; choose High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery today.

NYC Weed Dispensary Delivery

High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery: Your Premier Dispensary and Cannabis Delivery Service in Manhattan Beach, NY

Navigating the world of cannabis can be complex, especially with numerous options for dispensaries and delivery services. At High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery, we simplify the process for you by being your one-stop-shop for all your cannabis needs. Here’s why you should choose us:

1. Extensive Range of Products: We offer an extensive range of over 200 cannabis products. Whether you’re seeking soothing CBD products, potent liquid diamond strains, or flavorful edibles, we’ve got you covered.

2. Commitment to Quality: We stock only the finest cannabis products from reputable brands across the East and West Coast. All our products are third-party tested for potency, safety, and efficacy, so you can trust the quality of every product you purchase from us.

3. Fast and Reliable Delivery: Our weed delivery service is second to none in Canarsie. We pride ourselves on providing discreet and reliable cannabis delivery in less than two hours.

4. Community-Centric: We are more than just a cannabis dispensary. We are a community of cannabis enthusiasts. We regularly engage with our community through educational sessions, discussions, and local events.

5. Exceptional Customer Service: Our team of knowledgeable and friendly professionals is always ready to assist you. Whether you need help choosing the right product or have questions about our delivery service, we are here to help.

6. Daily Deals and Rewards: We love rewarding our customers. Enjoy our daily deals and exclusive offers, along with a 10% discount and a free item for first-time patients.

7. Safety First: We prioritize your safety. Our storefront dispensary in Brooklyn, NY, features controlled access, surveillance systems, and well-informed staff. For delivery services, we ensure secure, discreet packaging and safe transportation.

8. Convenient Online Shopping: We understand the importance of convenience in today’s world. That’s why we offer a seamless online shopping experience through our online dispensary.

Choosing High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery as your cannabis dispensary and delivery service in Canarsie, NY, means choosing quality, safety, and convenience. Join our community and elevate your cannabis experience today.

About Manhattan Beach

Welcome to Manhattan Beach, New York

Situated on the southeastern shore of Brooklyn, Manhattan Beach is a vibrant neighborhood that offers a unique mix of urban charm and beach town relaxation. It’s a treasure trove of attractions, eateries, and leisurely activities. Discover all that this beautiful neighborhood has to offer, and enjoy the convenience of top-notch cannabis delivery service.

Points of Interest

  • Manhattan Beach Park: It’s the neighborhood’s main attraction, offering pristine beach areas, sports facilities, and a playground for children. Spend a relaxing day amidst nature at this community favorite spot. Visit their website for more information.

  • Holocaust Memorial Park: A solemn landmark memorializing victims of the Holocaust, this park is a place of quiet reflection. Visit the website for more details.

Places to Eat

  • Baku Palace: Offering an array of delectable Eastern European and Asian cuisine, this restaurant is a hit among locals and visitors alike. Check out their menu.

  • Tête-à-Tête: This stylish restaurant offers a selection of Eastern European dishes in a chic, contemporary setting. Find out more on their website.

Places to Visit

  • Sheepshead Bay: Take a stroll along this scenic bay area, known for its waterfront dining and boating activities. You can find more about the area here.

  • Coney Island: A short drive from Manhattan Beach, Coney Island is famed for its amusement parks, beach, and boardwalk. Visit their website to plan your visit.

Discover Manhattan Beach, a neighborhood that seamlessly blends urban living with coastal relaxation, offering something for everyone.

High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery in Manhattan Beach, NY

End your perfect day in Manhattan Beach with the finest selection of cannabis products delivered right to your doorstep. At High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and reliable cannabis delivery service. We are your neighborhood cannabis dispensary, offering more than 200 products ranging from cannabis flowers, vapes, edibles to CBD products, concentrates, and more. With less than 2-hour delivery, our service is a preferred choice for cannabis consumers in Manhattan Beach and across New York.

For first-time patients, we offer a 10% discount and a free item. Our products are third-party tested for safety, potency, and efficacy. Choose us for all your cannabis needs and experience why we are a trusted name in the community. Place your order today and discover the best cannabis delivery service in Manhattan Beach, New York! Order Now

Frequently Asked

General Questions

No. Free Delivery for orders over $150 if you are located within the boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan or Queens.
*If you live further than Roosevelt Field mall there is a delivery fee based off of mileage.
*If your order is lower than $150, you will incur a delivery fee.
*Please be patient and allow our delivery drivers 1-2 hours to arrive to your location.  Traffic in NYC is not always easy to navigate.

Yes! You can tip them cash or add your tip to the order during checkout. 


But if you must pay with Cash App or Venmo. 

If you are using electronic payment (I.E Cash App, Venmo) there is an extra charge of 10% on your total order.

We do not offer refunds but can gladly replace it if the product is defective and if the flower is not up to quality standards

We take pride in being the fastest delivery service in New York. Our average delivery time is approximately 1 to 2 hours. During peak delivery hours, which tend to be weekdays between 4pm and 9pm, deliveries may take a bit longer.


Pick a place in NY and we deliver! It’s that easy. 

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