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About High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery: Your Premier Source for

At High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery, we are committed to providing high-quality cannabis products in a welcoming, inclusive environment. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Brooklyn, NY, we serve both walk-ins and delivery customers, offering an unparalleled shopping experience for both cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Our mission is more than just providing access to cannabis; it’s about delivering the best brands from coast to coast, meticulously third-party tested for potency and safety. With an expansive catalogue of 200+ premium products, we cater to every kind of cannabis enthusiast. From the casual consumer to the seasoned connoisseur, we ensure that we have the product to suit your needs and preferences.

Our Storefront

Step into our dispensary in Brooklyn, NY, and you’ll find yourself in a haven for cannabis enthusiasts. Our shelves are stocked with the finest cannabis products from East to West Coast, featuring everything from potent cannabis flower and vapes to delectable edibles and CBD products. We also carry a broad range of concentrates, cannabis drinks, mushrooms, and more!

First-time patients get a warm welcome with a 10% discount and a free item. And with our exciting daily deals, every visit to our storefront offers a new opportunity to discover something amazing.

Cannabis Delivery

What sets High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery apart is our exceptional weed delivery service in Brooklyn and across the majority of New York. With a commitment to safe, reliable, and discreet delivery and packaging, we bring the dispensary experience straight to your doorstep.

Whether you’re in Queens, the Bronx, or out on Long Island, our top-shelf cannabis products are just a few clicks away. Need cannabis delivery in Bensonhurst or weed delivery in Brooklyn? Count on us for swift service that takes less than two hours.

Our Perks and Amenities

Not only do we offer an impressive range of quality cannabis products, but we also take pride in the extras that make your experience with us special.

  • Safe and tested products: Rest assured, we’re committed to your safety. Every product in our line is third-party tested for quality assurance.
  • Wide product selection: With over 200 products, we have something to suit everyone’s preferences. Whether you’re looking for a sativa strain for a boost or a soothing indica for relaxation, you’ll find it at our store.
  • Convenience: With our Weed Delivery Bensonhurst and other areas in NY, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to get quality cannabis. Just place your order and we’ll handle the rest.

Choose High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery

Ready for top-tier cannabis products and exceptional customer service? High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery is here to redefine your cannabis shopping experience.

Whether you’re exploring CBD products, hunting for the perfect strain of premium flower, or looking to get weed delivery in NYC, our Brooklyn dispensary has you covered. Browse our selection online or visit us in store to experience the difference. It’s time to elevate your cannabis experience. Choose High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery today.

Weed Delivery Queens

High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery: A Decade of Dedication to Our Community

In the heart of Brooklyn, NY, High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery has been a steadfast pillar of the cannabis community for over a decade. Our commitment goes beyond providing quality cannabis products. We are proud to contribute to the well-being of our community and the cannabis industry as a whole.

A Decade in the Game

With a decade under our belt, we have established ourselves as a trusted source for cannabis delivery in Brooklyn and beyond. Throughout the years, we have continually stayed on top of evolving trends, regulations, and customer preferences. We’ve seen cannabis strains come and go, from the timeless Sour Diesel and Blue Dream to newer hybrids. We’ve kept up with technological advancements, offering an increasingly diverse range of products from potent THC oil to more niche products like Rick Simpson Oil.

During this time, we’ve remained steadfast in our dedication to quality and safety, always ensuring that our customers have access to safe and tested products. Our extensive product catalogue is a testament to our commitment, featuring top shelf items from legit brands, and a variety of premium flowers and cannabis strains.

Giving Back to the Community

We are deeply ingrained in our community, and giving back is an essential part of our ethos. We aim to go beyond the role of a simple marijuana dispensary in Brooklyn. We regularly engage in community outreach initiatives, sponsor local events, and partner with other businesses in Crown Heights and the wider Brooklyn area to strengthen our communal bonds.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Whether you visit our storefront or opt for our weed delivery service, your safety is our top priority. Here’s how we make that happen:

  • Stringent Testing: All our cannabis products undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure they are potent, safe, and pure. We hold our suppliers to the highest standards, only offering brands that meet these stringent criteria.

  • Safe Cannabis Delivery: For customers using our cannabis delivery service, rest assured that we prioritize discreet packaging and safe transport. Our delivery in Brooklyn, NY, and the surrounding areas is swift and reliable, ensuring your products reach you in optimal condition.

  • Regulatory Compliance: As a responsible cannabis dispensary in Brooklyn, we ensure compliance with all local and state regulations. This extends to our delivery service, whether you’re looking for weed delivery in Brooklyn or marijuana delivery in NYC. We verify the age and identity of our customers to prevent underage sales.

  • Premises Security: Our storefront is a safe and secure environment. We employ comprehensive security measures, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free shopping experience for all our visitors.

High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery has been a trusted member of the cannabis community for a decade and counting. We remain committed to serving you with excellence, ensuring safety, and contributing to our vibrant community. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or a newcomer looking to explore, we invite you to join our community, experience the quality of our products, and share in our dedication to the world of cannabi

High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery: Your Trusted Source for Top Quality Cannabis Brands

At High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery, we’re passionate about quality. Nestled in the bustling heart of Brooklyn, NY, our cannabis dispensary prides itself on curating an inventory of only the best cannabis brands available on the market. Whether you’re shopping in-store or opting for our cannabis delivery service, we are committed to providing safe, third-party tested cannabis products that surpass expectations in both safety and efficacy.

The Best Brands, Hand-Picked For You

Over the decade, we’ve fostered strong relationships with leading cannabis growers and manufacturers across the nation. Our shelves are adorned with high-quality products from household names and innovative upstarts alike, all known for their commitment to quality and safety.

From iconic strains like Sour Diesel and Blue Dream to top-shelf brands like Jungle Boys, we’ve got your cannabis needs covered. Our extensive range includes everything from the classic cannabis flower and potent THC oil to edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, and even medicinal cannabis products.

Prioritizing Safety Through Third-Party Testing

While we’re passionate about bringing diverse cannabis options to our customers, safety is never compromised. We understand that the best cannabis products are not just about potency – they’re about safety, purity, and efficacy. That’s why we ensure that all our products are third-party tested.

Here’s how our third-party testing process works:

  • Potency Testing: This verifies the levels of cannabinoids present in our products. It ensures you get the right amount of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids you’re paying for. It also guarantees consistent dosage, which is essential for medical marijuana patients.

  • Safety Testing: This involves checking for any harmful contaminants like pesticides, mold, heavy metals, and residual solvents. We ensure that the products you purchase from us are free from anything that could potentially harm your health.

  • Efficacy Testing: Besides safety and potency, the quality of the cannabis experience matters too. Whether it’s the smooth hit of a premium flower, the long-lasting effects of an edible, or the clean high of a vape, we make sure our products deliver on their promises.

In our quest to offer the best cannabis brands, High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery ensures every product meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Whether you’re buying weed in NYC or opting for cannabis delivery in Brooklyn, you can trust us to provide not only the best brands in the market but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing your safety is our priority. Experience the High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery difference today – where quality meets safety in the world of cannabis.

Weed Delivery New York

Why Choose High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery in Bensonhurst, NY

If you’re in Bensonhurst or anywhere else in the New York area, there are countless reasons to choose High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery as your go-to cannabis dispensary and delivery service. From our commitment to safety to our broad selection of premium cannabis products, we provide an unmatched cannabis shopping experience. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us.

Comprehensive Product Selection

Whether you’re looking for a potent sativa strain, a relaxing indica, or something in between, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive catalogue features over 200+ cannabis products, including:

  • Premium flower: From classic strains like Sour Diesel and Blue Dream to the exotic and unique, we offer top-shelf buds to suit every preference.
  • Vapes: Looking for a smokeless option? Our vape cartridges offer a clean, potent, and convenient way to consume cannabis.
  • Edibles: Our delicious edibles are a flavorful and discreet way to enjoy your cannabis, with potency clearly indicated for easy dosing.
  • Pre-rolls: For the convenience of ready-to-smoke cannabis, our pre-rolls are prepared with quality flower and rolled to perfection.
  • Concentrates: If you’re after potency, our cannabis concentrates offer a potent, condensed form of cannabis perfect for dabbing or vaping.
  • And more!

Safety and Quality Assurance

Your safety is our priority. All of our cannabis products are third-party tested for potency, purity, and safety. This means no harmful contaminants like pesticides or heavy metals, and accurate cannabinoid levels for a consistent, reliable experience.

Convenient Cannabis Delivery in Bensonhurst

Our cannabis delivery service is designed to bring convenience to your doorstep. If you’re in Bensonhurst, NY, or surrounding areas, we guarantee:

  • Discreet delivery: Your privacy matters to us. Our delivery service is discreet, with packaging that protects your privacy.
  • Fast service: Expect your cannabis delivery in Bensonhurst in less than 2 hours. Our aim is to bring your favorite cannabis products to you as quickly as possible.
  • Wide delivery range: Beyond Bensonhurst, we serve the majority of New York, making it easy for you to access quality cannabis wherever you are.

Community Engagement

We’ve been in the game for over a decade, and our roots in the community run deep. We continually engage with our customers, offer deals and discounts, and give back to our community in various ways.

Choosing High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery as your dispensary and cannabis delivery service in Bensonhurst means choosing a company that not only provides quality products and service but also cares for its community. Experience the High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery difference today!

About Bensonhurst

Explore Bensonhurst: A Gem in the Heart of Brooklyn, NY

Welcome to Bensonhurst, one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York. Known for its tight-knit community, Italian heritage, and vibrant street life, Bensonhurst offers a unique slice of the city that never sleeps. Below, you’ll find a curated guide to Bensonhurst, including points of interest, top-rated eateries, and more!

Points of Interest

Bensonhurst Park: A great spot to unwind, Bensonhurst Park offers walking trails, sports facilities, and a beautiful waterfront view. Visit here for more information.

New Utrecht Reformed Church: Built in 1828, this historic church is a reminder of Brooklyn’s early Dutch heritage. You can check out their events and history here.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights: A short drive from Bensonhurst, this annual holiday light display is a New York City institution. Find out more here.

Places to Eat

Villabate Alba: Known for its Sicilian pastries, especially the cannoli, this family-owned bakery is a neighborhood staple. Check out their menu here.

Tenzan: For fans of Japanese cuisine, Tenzan offers a wide array of sushi and other traditional dishes. You can order online from here.

L&B Spumoni Gardens: Serving up classic New York-style pizza since 1939, L&B Spumoni Gardens is a must-visit. Check their iconic menu here.

Places to Visit

86th Street Shopping Area: A bustling shopping destination with stores catering to all needs and budgets. Find out more here.

Gravesend Cemetery: One of the oldest surviving remnants of Brooklyn’s early Dutch heritage. Check their visiting hours here.

Bath Beach: A peaceful beach with a beautiful promenade, perfect for relaxing walks and sunsets. You can learn more here.

Experience High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery in Bensonhurst, NY

As you explore all that Bensonhurst has to offer, don’t miss out on Brooklyn’s premier cannabis dispensary and delivery service, High Fashion Smokes And Prints Cannabis Delivery. Whether you’re looking for high-quality cannabis flower, edibles, or concentrates, we offer a wide selection of top-tier products to enhance your Bensonhurst experience.

Our cannabis delivery service in Bensonhurst is fast, reliable, and discreet, ensuring that your favorite products are delivered to your doorstep in less than 2 hours. All our products are third-party tested for safety and efficacy, promising you the best cannabis experience.

Experience the convenience of quality cannabis at your fingertips in Bensonhurst today. Visit our website to explore our extensive product selection and place your order now! Welcome to the future of cannabis delivery in Bensonhurst, New York.

Frequently Asked

General Questions

No. Free Delivery for orders over $150 if you are located within the boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan or Queens.
*If you live further than Roosevelt Field mall there is a delivery fee based off of mileage.
*If your order is lower than $150, you will incur a delivery fee.
*Please be patient and allow our delivery drivers 1-2 hours to arrive to your location.  Traffic in NYC is not always easy to navigate.

Yes! You can tip them cash or add your tip to the order during checkout. 


But if you must pay with Cash App or Venmo. 

If you are using electronic payment (I.E Cash App, Venmo) there is an extra charge of 10% on your total order.

We do not offer refunds but can gladly replace it if the product is defective and if the flower is not up to quality standards

We take pride in being the fastest delivery service in New York. Our average delivery time is approximately 1 to 2 hours. During peak delivery hours, which tend to be weekdays between 4pm and 9pm, deliveries may take a bit longer.


Pick a place in NY and we deliver! It’s that easy. 

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